National Accordion Awareness Month

June is National Accordion Awareness Month (NAAM). National Accordion Awareness Month was established in 1989 to help spread the word about the resurgence in popularity in the accordion and to educate people about the accordion. Would you like more information? If so, contact Tom Torriglia, sponsor of National Accordion Awareness Month, at 415 440 0800.

Were you aware of this?
During the month of June, 2009, the fabulous Bella Ciao band will be donating 50% of its profits from the sales of its two CDs to help the recent quake victims in L'Aquila, Italy! Read more HERE.

Order your CDs HERE.

Did you know...

A blue-ribbon panel of experts recently named the accordion as the instrument most likely to put a smile on your face.


NAAM. PO Box 475136 San Francisco, CA 94147. 415 440 0800